Why GFCI Outlets Are Important


We could talk all day about how great it is to have grounded outlets throughout your entire home. The truth is that this might not be enough to truly convince homeowners they need to spend their money on such an improvement. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably got a ton of home improvement projects that might require immediate attention, so why should your outlets move up to the front of the list?

Well, to put it bluntly, not replacing certain outlets in your home with GFCI protected ones could cost you down the line. Also, avoiding this kind of work can lead to a safety issue as well. Grounded outlets are a vital part of home safety and efficiency, and today we’re going to show you just how important they are.

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What Are GFCI Outlets?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, and they’re the type of outlets that can immediately interrupt the supply of power when they come in contact with dangerous substances like water. If you remember from your high school physics class, water conducts electricity extremely well, which is why it can be dangerous to be in a wet room with electrical power sources exposed nearby.

While GFCI outlets are important to have in your home, it’s also important that every other outlet you have is grounded as well. You’ll notice which outlets in your home are ungrounded by seeing only two prongs instead of the normal three-pronged type of outlet.

GFCI Is Required in Certain Areas

First of all, your home is your business. Homeowners can design their home to be exactly the way they want it. However, some safety protocols are followed to ensure that your home is safe and secure. These can affect your insurance policies and any other payments that require a home inspection.

A good example of this is the fact that GFCI outlets are required in any area that has potential access to water. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and garages all need GFCI outlets to be installed instead of regular outlets. This is to reduce the risk of a potential safety hazard.

Two Reasons to Replace Your Outlets ASAP

Here are two good reasons to invest in the replacement of your old outlets as soon as possible:

  1. Grounded outlets will protect your home and your devices. Power surges can be scary, especially with the damage they can cause to your devices, appliances, and more. Grounded outlets ensure that all the power from an electrical surge gets directed straight into the ground and your home remains protected.
  2. Unprotected outelts in certain areas will raise your home insurance costs. Think about it, without GFCI protected outlets in your kitchen or bathrooms, your home is a more risky investment for home insurance companies. This will unfortunately raise your costs when compared to a home with protected outlets.

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