The Gold Shield Sump Pump FAQ

Have you ever wanted a sump pump in your home but just didn’t know where to start? Or perhaps you just had some questions but it seems like the answers are impossible to find online? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Sump pumps are tricky systems, but when you ask the right team for answers, they can actually be quite simple!

April is the perfect month for sump pump installation and repair. It’s the rainiest month of the year, which means statistically your basement is more likely to flood now than at any other part of the year. This blog is all about the groundwater removal system, also known as a sump pump, and any questions our customers might have.

It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of plumbing service in Algonquin, IL!

How Does a Groundwater Removal System Work?

Groundwater is what we call rain that has been filtered through the ground and remains below the soil. Sometimes you can find underground rivers or lakes, but most of the time this phrase just relates to streams of water that run below the surface of the ground.

A groundwater removal system, or a “sump pump,” is a system that can take all of the water that would flood your basement (or another subterranean part of your home) and transport it outdoors so your home remains dry. This not only keeps it from flooding in the first place but allows for proper water irrigation on the rest of your property.

Why Is It Called a “Sump Pump”?

Simply put, it’s called a sump pump because there are two unique components: the sump and the pump!

The sump component is a hole drilled in the bottom of your home’s foundation. It’s what collects the water that starts flooding after a heavy day of rain or sleet. Don’t worry, this component can be out of sight and out of mind, it only needs to be in a strategic location to function.

Then the pump carries the water out of the sump and puts it somewhere else on your property where it can properly drain to a lake, pond, river, or wherever water would otherwise naturally go. It can even funnel water directly into your garden!

Do I Absolutely Need a Sump Pump?

Yes and no. There will always be some homeowners who would rather roll the dice and try to make it through the season without any protection.

However, if you’re interested in protecting your basement and underground crawlspace from flooding waters, then we absolutely recommend a sump pump and all the services that come with it. There’s no better system designed for this kind of work than a sump pump.

Are There Electrical Components to a Sump Pump?

Yes! Sump pumps actually rely heavily on batteries or dedicated circuits to function properly, which means you’re going to need a professional who knows plumbing and a little bit of electrical know-how. Our team specializes in sump pump services to the point where we will be able to address all of your needs in a single call.

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