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If what you need is some assistance with ensuring the HVAC systems, electrical equipment, and similar structure are functioning properly, the Expert Home Solutions team is your go-to resource. We have constantly over-delivered, offering clients – businesses and families, prompt service, excellent customer support, and high-quality workmanship.

At Expert Home Solutions, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, with all projects handled by our in-house team of technicians while remaining dedicated to our local community. Treating your HVAC and electrical systems like investments starts with getting the right team on your side and reiterating the importance of having us with you.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning systems help you deal with hot temperatures in Palatine, IL, only if they are functioning properly. Therefore, you want to take advantage of the expertise of our HVAC palatine team in dealing with high-tech, brand-name products, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee we offer to ensure your home temperatures are conducive enough.


Palatine, Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL is known for its frigidity during the winter and you, therefore, want to ensure your HVAC system is in shape to have the best temperature. Our heating and air conditioning Palatine Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL service ensures your heating system is properly installed, maintained, repaired, or replaced if needed. The HVAC team at Expert Home Solutions. specializes in powerful heating systems, helping to easily deal with your home’s heating needs.

Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality is extremely important to leading a comfortable and happy life and our professionals are always available to ensure you enjoy an environment free of contaminants and illness-causing microorganisms. We install IAQ systems, such as air filtration units and UV air purifiers as well as help improve humidity levels to enable you to feel better after a long and humid summer’s day.


It is without a doubt that you need top-notch electrical services Palatine Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL from professionals to avoid the complications that come with trying to fix such systems on your own. Our team is always available to complete your electrical service needs in the shortest possible time, ensuring you have your space and life back without breaking the bank.

Commercial HVAC

Restaurants and other businesses across industries continue to spring up in different parts of Palatine, Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL, requiring entrepreneurs and owners to ensure the environment is conducive for all stakeholders – customers, employees, and business owners, to feel comfortable. Our comprehensive commercial HVAC system work includes setting up cooler systems and industrial heaters, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you are always making an informed and best possible decision for your company. Call us today to get started.

Plumbing Services

Do you require a professional plumber Palatine? You definitely want to put a call through to our team of experienced plumbers, with a reputation for delivering repiping as well as other categories of plumbing services to clients in and around Palatine, Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. Call us today to learn more about our vast array of services and to meet one of our fantastic plumbers.

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