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For many homeowners, unfiltered water just isn’t an option. Either the water has a terrible taste, it feels “thick,” or it’s just contaminated and only useful for gardening. The team at Expert Home Solutions can help with a state-of-the-art water filtration system in Downers Grove, IL.

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We are your premier water filtration services company that provides whole house water filtration system installation, as well as water filter repair and maintenance.

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Is It Worth Getting a Water Filtration System

Without any doubt, every penny spent on installing, repairing, or maintaining a water filtration system is worth it. Water filtration systems are designed to save you from the dangers caused by hard or contaminated water. The systems help to reduce contaminants such as chlorine, iron, sulfur, and a host of others from your water, bringing cleaner water to every tap in your home.

Expert Home Solutions offers water filtration services in Chicago across different categories, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance to meet the varying needs of homes.

Water Filtration System Installation

What kind of water filtration system installation would be best for your home? That depends! We can provide you with a UV water purifier, or some other kind of home water filtration system that accurately identifies and eliminates contaminants in your water. Let’s discuss your options and talk about the best decision to go with.

It can be easy to work around water treatment systems that filter water at the tap. However, a relatively more sophisticated water filtration system designed to remove a plethora of contaminants, ranging from various chemicals and pesticides to sediment and bacteria, can be a bit tasking. Therefore, you need our licensed contractor to install such systems and ensure they function properly to deliver clean, healthy water to you and your family all day.

Water filtration systems help to take care of the water that you use in all parts of the house and not just in the kitchen or bathroom. The installation of this system is quite similar to the process for all filter types since they differ only in the way water is filtered and the contaminants they eliminate. Some of the tools you will need for water filtration system installation are a drill, assorted drill bits, 2 adjustable wrenches of different sizes, a tubing cutter, buckets (plural) for catching any water remaining in your main supply after shut off, and a whole house water filter system.

Despite the seemingly easy process of installing a water filtration system, it is advised to seek professional help.

All Types of Water Filtration System Repair You May Need

It is not uncommon for a water filtration system to stop functioning properly due to several reasons. Some signs that your system requires some attention either in the form of a replacement or water filtration system repair include a peculiar and unpleasant smell of water, the presence of small pieces of scale, dirt or debris in the water, and unusual sounds from the water filter.

Cost of Water Filtration System Diagnostic

You could spend between a couple of dollars to several hundred dollars to diagnose your water filtration system, depending on the situation. However, it is advised that you stick to using a qualified, licensed professional for the diagnosis of your water filtration system, which underlines the importance of our services at Expert Home Solutions.

Water Filtration System Maintenance

Buying and installing a home water filtration system is just a step in providing clean and healthy water for your family. It is equally important to do routine maintenance of the system to avoid a sudden breakdown that would bring you back to the status quo. Expert Home Solutions is your premier water filtration services company, with our technicians providing whole-house water filtration system installation, as well as water filter repair and maintenance.

The simplest way to guarantee that filtered water is coming from your faucet is to replace the filter. Over the duration of a filter’s life, captured sediment tends to accumulate quickly. Filters can go up to three or six months before needing a replacement while under-sink systems can use the same filter for up to six months.

The frequency of changing the filter depends on the quality of your water, as well as how much water you use. When you leave an old filter in the system for longer than six months, there is the risk of having sediment flow past the filter because it can’t hold any more debris. Therefore, it is important to ensure you change your water filter on a regular schedule.

Water Filtration System Replacement

When a water filtration system reaches a certain age, it can lose its capacity to filter your water. Our team provides specialized water filtration system replacement services in Downers Grove, IL. We’ll set you up with a brand-new whole house water filter you can depend on.

Water Filtration System Repair

For homeowners that need a bit of help, we can perform water filtration system repairs as well as water filtration system maintenance. We’ll routinely maintain your water filter and help fix any problems that might come up. Contact our 24/7 emergency hotline for fast and reliable help.

How Long Does a Water Filtration System Repair Take?

Water filtration systems require different repairs depending on the diagnosis. Consequently, the duration for repairs is dependent on the work required to get the system functioning properly. While some repair works are completed in hours, others could take days or even weeks, depending on the extent of the issue, the availability of the professional, and other factors.

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