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Whether you need your sewer line repaired, or you’re just looking for high-tech, intense sewer pipe lining services, our master plumbers have what it takes to get the job done.

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The first things that likely come to mind when you hear plumbing systems are your cold and hot water, shower, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine. However, it is also important to consider the channel that water passes through as it comes into your home, ensuring that the wastewater removal system is not comprised. You have to ensure that your drain pipes and sewer system are in perfect condition all the time for comfort and convenience. At Expert Home Solutions, we offer quality drainage and sewer services for an efficient home plumbing system.

The categories of services we offer include:

  • Drain and sewer line installation and replacement
  • Drain and sewer line Maintenance and repair
  • video pipe inspection
  • Drain and sewer line cleaning
  • Hydro jetting

Clogged and blocked drains can be frustrating. However, you should not have to endure the pain for long, thanks to the expertise of our professional plumbers.

Whether you need to repair your sewer line repaired or you just want high-tech, intense sewer pipe-lining services, our team of plumbers at Expert Home Solutions has what it takes to get the job done in good time. 

Sewer Line Installation

Sewer line installation requires some pretty serious equipment, and it’s nothing that you would want to purchase yourself. Our team specializes in the set up of sewer pipes, as well as sewer lining, much of which can be done without excavation. Call our Downers Grove, Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL hotline to learn more!

You will need a new sewer line either for a new home or renovation of the current structures. In a related development, the increasing demand for houses necessitates the need to expand and modernize the drainage systems. Drainage should be among the first things to be completed in a new building to avoid future problems which are difficult to correct.

Installing sewer lines can be a challenging task. Therefore, it is advised that you call for expertise to ensure the process is seamless and delivers the desired result. The installation process of a sewer line is detailed as follows:

Determine the Pipe's Depth

To first step is to decide the elevation of each pipe. Most residential installations start from the main drain of the house, which often exists on the foundation. 

Compute the Slope

The results gotten from the depth and the pipe’s length gives the basis for slope computations.

The total drop in elevation= Ending Elevation – Starting Elevation.

To get the Slope= (The total Drop) / (The entire run or length of the pipe)

Dig the trench and Lay the Bleeding

Dig the trench with caution to minimize disturbance of the soil. Soil disturbance can be reduced by compacting. This can only be done by having sufficient knowledge of the pipe’s termination point and digging a narrow trench. It is also important to ensure the canal is smooth, compacted and follows the desired slope. Use sand to slope the soil and fine-tune the area before laying the pipes.

Install the Pipe

Install each pipe starting with the lower end of the line and run towards the high elevation. Ensure the bell end of each pipe section is installed facing up the hills to reduce leakages. At the ends of the house, use at least two cleanouts for easier access of the pipe during cleaning with sewer auger or during scoping.

Back Fill the Trench

Once you complete the installation and all inspection requirements satisfied, proceed to backfill the trench. Begin with a layer of sand to eliminate voids and protect the pipe. Finish with added layers of soil and compact each layer to prevent future settling.

All Types of Sewer Lines Repair You May Need

There are several conditions that would require you to call our technicians. Common conditions include low area/s that can slow the movement of debris and possibly stop water flowing through a sewer pipe, buildup caused by certain food waste materials stuck and hardened inside the pipe wall, and tree roots growing into the pipe at the joint of clay and concrete pipes.

How Long Does a Sewer Lines Repair Take

The major determinant of the duration of a sewer line repair is the scope of the work. Therefore, it could take a couple of hours or up to three days to complete the repair works on a sewer line. The scope of work also plays an important role in determining the cost of repair.

Thankfully, Expert Home Solutions boasts all the requisite experience, equipment, and professionals to install, repair, replace, and maintain sewer lines in and around Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Sewer Line Maintenance

The first rule to maintaining your sewer line is prevention. It is advised that you avoid putting anything other than human waste and toilet paper in the drain to prevent starting a clog. Below are some maintenance tips that can be followed to maintain a sewer line and the secondary drain lines flowing into and affecting the mainline sewer environment:

  • Limit food that goes down the kitchen drain line
  • Ensure the proper disposal of non-food items
  • Use one-ply toilet paper
  • Flush the plumbing system properly
  • Set toilets to high volume flush for adequate pressure
  • Tend to your roots
  • Clean your plumbing system naturally and regularly

Sewer Line Replacement

Need to replace an old sewer line? Then call our team for expert sewer line replacement. From start to finish, we can remove your old sewer system and replace it with pipes that are in much better condition and built to last. We can even provide you with a pipeline inspection to help you figure out whether your sewer is in need of replacement.

Sewer Line Repair

We’re proud to offer Downers Grove, Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL sewer line repair services as well as sewer line maintenance. Both of these services act to extend the lifespan of your sewer and keep it running effectively so you can stay comfortable and safe in your home.

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