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Expert Home Solutions is a leading plumbing company and we have constantly upgraded our services to meet the growing and diverse needs of our clients. There is only one number you need to call for your professional plumbing services and that’s the hotline for Expert Home Solutions.

Plumbing Installation

As master plumbers, we need to be able to provide expert plumbing installation services for homeowners in Downers Grove, IL. Whether it’s a main water line, a new faucet, or a pipe installation, we’ve got your back. We offer the following:

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing

Drain and sewer services

Drain and sewer cleaning

Sewer line services

Backflow prevention services

Gas piping services

Main water line services

Water heater services

On-demand water heater services


Water filtration system services

UV water purification

Other water treatment systems

Plumbing Maintenance

The plumbing system is one of the most important parts of every building as it not only ensure water moves in and goes out as expected but also helps to maintain the integrity of the structure. Consequently, it is advised to regularly maintain the plumbing system to help extend the life of the system as well as detect possible problems before they escalate. When it comes to plumbing maintenance, you can handle the process if you are a DIYer, by following the steps highlighted below:

  • Create a Maintenance Schedule
  • Check for Leaks
  • Keep Drains Flowing
  • Clean Faucets and Showerheads
  • Clean Out Your Water Heater
  • Check Pipes Regularly
  • Regularly Check Water Pressure
  • Check Appliance Hoses
  • Check Your Yard
  • Only Flush What Can Be Flushed
  • Be Careful About What Goes Down Your Drain

The maintenance tips listed above do not take away the need to engage a professional for regular maintenance.

Plumbing Replacement

A plumbing system in Downers Grove, IL can only last for so long before it falls into disrepair. Our team of local plumbers can perform expert plumbing replacement services at an affordable rate.

Plumbing Repair

Do you need a burst pipe repaired? Or perhaps you’ve got an insidious sewer issue? Call our team for high-quality plumbing repair services that are fast and reliable.


All Types of Plumbing Repairs You May Need

There are several instances that require you to call a professional plumber to ensure your plumbing system keeps functioning properly for as long as possible. Some common repair needs for your plumbing system are listed above.

  • Water dripping quickly from the toilet.
  • A clogged or backed-up appliance.
  • A continuously running toilet.
  • A noticeable amount of water around a plumbing appliance.
  • An annoying drip from the faucet or showerhead.
  • When remodeling a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Trouble with water filtration or garbage disposal systems.
  • A failing water heater
  • The stink of sewage from the line.
  • Unexpected water damage from seemingly nowhere.

If you identify any of the aforementioned problems, it is advised that you immediately put a call through to us at Expert Home Solutions to handle all types of minor and severe plumbing issues.

Services for Residential Plumbing

There are three essential parts of a residential plumbing system – Water Supply System (flow of water into a house), Fixtures and Appliances (where water is used for carrying out various activities), and Drainage system (collection and disposal of used (waste) water). Each of the parts require a distinct type of service depending on the issue at hand. Regardless of the service or the severity of the issue, it is always advised that you get in touch with a reliable, professional plumbing company with a reputation for excellent service delivery.

Some residential plumbing services that you may need include leak detection and repair, drain cleaning services, installations and replacements, and inspection and maintenance. Note that there are several other residential plumbing services we provide at Expert Home Solutions based on your needs.

Services for Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing services cover a wide range of solutions, including routine maintenance and checkups, system installations and upgrades, emergency, 24/7, assistance, clog removal, sewer line cleaning and repair, sewer gas detection, leak repair for toilets and other integral parts of your plumbing system. It also includes processes for the removal of debris that creates blocks and clogs. Algae, fungus and tree branches as well as food waste and debris obstruct appropriate movement. To clear the obstruction, professionals use modern technologies such as hydro jetting machines. In a similar, to assist successful businesses, black iron pipes are commonly used in institutions such as hotels.

Some plumbing services use tools and components such as rooters for clearing the drainage system. Rooters come with a camera, which is connected to the tip to allow the plumber to obtain a good look and make accurate decisions. Extra damage to the pipes often occurs during such unclogging processes. Therefore, it is best to choose a reputable service provider to assist in resolving all of your plumbing issues.

How Long Does a Plumbing Repair Take?

Relatively simple issues such as shower leaks can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, more complex repairs will last a little longer and could sometimes go on for days.

Expert Home Solutions offers different categories of plumbing services, such as installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Water Leak Detection

We offer water leak detection services, as well as routine plumbing maintenance to keep your home running efficiently and to ensure no water is wasted. Contact our team to learn more about what we offer.

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