Now Is the Perfect Time for a Ceiling Fan Installation

We’ve all got that certain room in our house that we wish more people would spend time in, but it just gets too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter. Whether it’s a game room, a trophy room, or maybe just a media room where you’d like to watch movies with your friends and family. The real problem is that if a room isn’t comfortable, people just won’t spend time in it.

Ceiling fans are incredibly energy-efficient ways of keeping a room more comfortable. For just pennies on the dollar, a ceiling fan can raise the temperature a few degrees with convection during the winter, or lower the temperature a few degrees by creating a breeze in the summer. While temperatures are mild now, we urge homeowners to purchase a ceiling fan and get it installed by our trained electricians in Crystal Lake, IL.

Ceiling Fans Will Keep Things Even Cooler

When a ceiling fan works in conjunction with an air conditioner, they both can do wonders. Air conditioners remove the heat from your home, physically lowering the temperature of the air and making things cool. However, that’s only part of the job. That air needs to get to you so you can feel it!

Ceiling fans circulate air. This allows the now-conditioned air to circulate throughout your home, bringing the cool temperatures right to where you can feel them. Also, by creating a breeze, a ceiling evaporates moisture from your skin, causing you to feel cooler because your body can release heat faster. (This is the effect called “wind-chill,” and it’s fantastic on hot days.) These systems, when working together, can make a big difference in your home comfort.

They Work in the Winter Too!

Did you know that you can use your ceiling fan in the wintertime? By running a ceiling fan in reverse, it creates a convection current which pushes heated air down to where you feel it. Heat naturally rises, so a home can feel cooler or draftier without a ceiling fan since the heat all rises to the second story or the ceiling of a room. For homes with especially high ceilings, this can be a major problem.

A ceiling fan will work hard to keep your home comfortable, even in a season where you don’t need air conditioning!

Cut Down Substantially on Electricity Costs

Homeowners dread turning on their air conditioners when they’re on a budget, and it makes sense why. These systems are powerhouses, and they require a huge amount of electricity when they run. We’re not telling you to not turn on your AC when it’s hot, but we’re conscious of how expensive electricity costs can be.

Ceiling fans are extremely energy efficient and don’t require nearly as much energy as an air conditioner. On days when it feels like the temperature is a little too hot, a ceiling fan is a great tool to keep your home comfortable without needing to turn on the AC. This will cut down on energy costs and save you money in the long run.

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