It’s Time to Ground Your Outlets

Your home is your space, and we’re huge proponents of letting homeowners do what they want. After all, what’s the point of buying and investing in a home if you can’t do what you want inside of it? When it comes to the work that electricians in Cary, IL perform, sometimes there are safety precautions we advise homeowners to take so they can go on living the way they want.

Outlets are becoming more and more prevalent, as we use double the amount of electrical devices that we had twenty years ago. Regardless of how you want to use the space in your home, we’re urging more and more homeowners to start grounding their outlets to protect their devices, themselves, and their homes.

Today, let’s talk about a few reasons why you might want to start grounding your outlets or upgrading certain outlets to GFCI ones.

3 Reasons to Ground Your Outlets

Grounding your outlets can only help you, it won’t hurt you. Sure, it’s an expense that you’d rather not pay right now, but we’ve got three unique reasons why you might want to start looking into this type of work. Remember, you can always consult with our team to see if a process like this is worth the cost for your home.

Protect Your Appliances

When a power surge occurs, it can often damage appliances and devices that aren’t properly grounded. The thousands of dollars you’ve spent on your high-tech smart devices, computers, and televisions can quickly go down the drain when their internal components are shorted out from a power surge.

Power surges can happen from weather events, municipal accidents, and more. There’s no good way to know if you’re going to encounter one or not, which is why grounded outlets are a great way to put this concern to bed.

Protect Yourself

Ungrounded outlets, simply put, can be a health and safety hazard. When a power surge occurs, or when lightning strikes the power grid, your home could experience an influx too much electrical power, causing it to spark and have trouble containing it. This can quickly lead to a fire, or an electrical shock if your home isn’t well insulated from the grid.

Grounded outlets ensure that any excess energy is sent directly into the ground so that you or your family aren’t at risk. GFCI outlets can also be a huge boon for any rooms with water-using appliances, since they shut down the moment water connects to the circuitry.

Keep Things Up to Code

Are you looking to rent out your home in the future? Then we hate to break it to you, but your kitchen and bathroom outlets will need to be GFCI protected. There are certain codes that most local municipalities enforce very strictly, and in order to properly follow the law, you’ll need to stay up to code. Our team knows exactly what improvements need to be made in order to allow your home to be rented out and to stop insurance costs from skyrocketing.

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