How to Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

You’ve seen the ads and the news articles about these new electric vehicles, and you’re in good company. These incredibly efficient vehicles are the way of the future for sure, and for homeowners willing to invest in them, you could see a huge difference in the fuel consumption of your home. However, it’s not as simple as just buying the vehicle and driving it like a normal car. You need to work with a trained, professional electrician in Algonquin, IL to set up a home charging station and make sure your home’s energy grid is ready for it.

There’s more to it than that, but we’d like to start off with the basics. Down below, we’re going to cover everything you need to know when investing in an electric vehicle. We’ll talk about the permits you need, the charging station installation, and more. Just make sure that you call our team for support. We can handle it all!

Get an Electrical Panel Inspection

First, we need to start with your home’s electrical panel. This is what connects your house to the power grid and what’s going to serve as the middle man between your energy source and your vehicle. If you’d like to have an electric vehicle properly charged at your home, then your electrical panel needs to be up to code and sturdy enough to handle the energy demands of your new car.

This can be a simple procedure when you call a licensed electrician, like one from our team!

Invest in a Licensed Electrician

Unfortunately, an amateur is just not going to have the background necessary to set your home up properly for an electric vehicle. Remember, there’s a lot on the line if you decide not to hire a licensed professional, and you could end up wasting thousands of dollars on a problem with your new electric vehicle that would have otherwise been avoided with professional help!

Get Your Permits Pulled

Every municipality is different, but there are always certain permits that need to be taken for home improvement projects. This is just as important for the setup of an electric vehicle charging station at your home. Our team will make sure that your local board knows exactly what’s being done on your property, so there are no fees or legal problems down the line.

Ensure Safety Is Taken Into Account

Poor electrical work can quickly become a safety concern. We’ve all seen this happen with electric stoves and furnaces, and we need to be clear that safety is always the number one priority for your home’s power grid. When you call the pros on our team, you get technicians who know how to perform this work safely and effectively.

One way we ensure that this work is done safely is by installing safety devices in your home’s charging port so that even if the power source goes bad, it still won’t risk causing a fire from plugging your electric vehicle in.

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