Finish Out the Heating Season Strong With 3 Tips

It’s no secret that the heating season is coming to an end soon. While everyone is preparing to deal with the change in temperature, and spring cleaning is on the horizon, we want to switch our focus to the last few weeks of winter. This period of time is vital to leave things off on a good note with your heating system. Don’t forget that you’ll be relying on this system next year and hopefully the year after that, so we want everyone who needs HVAC services in Algonquin, IL to get them now while we’re still in the cold season.

However, if you’re looking at additional ways to keep your heating system running well up until the last days of the season, then keep reading! We’re going to talk about three great end-of-season tips that homeowners can use to save money and avoid repairs in the future.

#1: Don’t Forget About Your HVAC Air Filter

This is the time of year when homeowners start to think that they can forget about their air filter because it’s almost springtime. While we understand how you might get to this point, we want to provide a counter perspective.

This part of the year is actually when snow and ice are melting, which kicks a lot of debris into the air. This debris will clog your heater’s air filter and inundate your home with contaminants. It’s a good idea to replace your air filter more at the end of the heating season for this very reason! So remember to stay on top of this vital task!

#2: Match Your Indoor Air Quality With Your Heating or Cooling System

As temperatures start to warm up this spring, it’s important to think about more than just your heating or cooling. When the winter is here in full swing, our homes can become too dry and we require the help of a humidifier to keep things healthy and comfortable.

As the spring comes, we want homeowners to evaluate the quality of their indoor air and how their humidity feels. Things might warm up and moisture might enter the air, but if it starts to feel too humid, we can set you up with a dehumidifier or another air quality system that remedies this problem.

Make sure you’re matching your home’s temperature with air quality systems that can complement them and keep your home efficient.

#3: Get Your Heat Pump Maintained (Again)

Did you know that your heat pump requires maintenance twice a year? While we use them throughout the whole year, it can be easy to forget that they actually require maintenance for both the heating and cooling seasons. Remember that your heat pump is running twice as much as a regular furnace or central air conditioning system, so it does require twice as much service.

Why not schedule an appointment today? It doesn’t really matter when the last time was that you scheduled an appointment. Our team specializes in heat pump care and we can provide maintenance when you need it.

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