Combining a Dehumidifier With Your AC

We like to think of our air conditioners as all-encompassing systems that can completely cool of our homes without any hiccups. While we’d argue that every air conditioner runs into hiccups eventually, this really depends on the climate and the maintenance provided yearly on the system. While you can set yourself up for success with maintenance, we’d argue that you might also need a dehumidifier in Algonquin, IL to help combat moisture in the air.

While air conditioners can do a small amount of dehumidifying as a natural part of the cooling process, that’s not their primary job. Eventually, you could see your air conditioner’s lifespan cut in half because it’s been worked to the bone trying to remove moisture from the humid air. A dehumidifier, especially a whole-home dehumidifier, is specifically designed to work with your home AC unit to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

How Air Conditioners Naturally Dehumidify

Air conditioners take in air, cool it through the evaporation and condensation of refrigerant, and eventually send it back through your home. This means that moisture in the air is naturally going to condense as the cooling process happens, since humidity naturally goes away as temperatures drop. Ultimately, this is a good thing because humidity contributes to human beings feeling hot and uncomfortable, so the less humidity your home has in the summertime, the better.

However, your air conditioner isn’t going to do a very good job of balancing humidity levels in your home. For starters, it can’t dehumidify your home to a specific point, since it’s just going to do it to the best of its ability. Secondly, the interior components of your air conditioner can actually become inundated with moisture and damaged if it’s working too hard with a home that’s too humid. At this point, you’re probably actively hurting your air conditioner the longer you let it go on this way.

The Main Problem

So, why not just ride out the rest of the summer and replace your air conditioner when it finally stops working for you? Because that’s an expensive solution and not every homeowner has the budget to prematurely replace their air conditioner.

One solution is investing in a whole-house dehumidifier. These systems are large, energy efficient, affordable, and they can easily dehumidify your entire home. Your air conditioner can then focus on bringing temperatures to a comfortable level and both systems will run for a long time.

Combine These Two Systems for Maximum Efficiency

When you’ve got a dehumidifier and an air conditioner working together, many homeowners believe it’s a waste—but that’s a huge misconception. These systems are designed to complement each other. Dehumidification and air conditioning are two different processes, so it would make sense to have two systems devoted to these two jobs. When set accordingly and installed by professionals, you’ll feel the difference and you won’t need to replace either system too early.

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