Can You Maintain Your AC on Your Own?

For all the DIYers out there, this blog post is for you! AC maintenance in Algonquin, IL is a hot topic these days, so we wanted to make sure that we’d cover it in a pretty nuanced way for everyone that needs support. The truth is that every air conditioner requires maintenance yearly, and we’re going to reinforce that point throughout this blog. Without maintenance, your AC system could see a drop in efficiency, efficacy, and its overall lifespan.

However, before you grab a wrench and start maintaining your air conditioner on your own, we’d like to talk about some things. Air conditioning maintenance is more complicated than you might think, and the risks of a botched maintenance appointment heavily outweigh the pros of trying to do it yourself.

This blog post is all about why it’s a bad idea to maintain your AC on your own.

The Problem With DIY Maintenance

Before we get into the specifics, we want to mention that you shouldn’t skip maintenance just because you can’t do it yourself. Skipping maintenance can be even worse than trying to do it on your own because it allows your system’s problems to worsen and efficiency levels to drop. All of these components must work together, and maintenance helps them stay lubricated, secure, and in good shape for the future.

It’s Complex

The first reason why you should never do AC maintenance on your own is purely that it’s an incredibly complex task. Modern air conditioners are marvels of energy efficiency and cooling technology. There are many different components that require different treatments during maintenance. Ball bearings in the blower system need to be lubricated, but that lubricant should never touch the sensitive coils of the AC system. Each component needs to be evaluated, adjusted, cleaned, and improved during maintenance. This is an almost impossible task for someone unfamiliar with the technology.

Adjustments, Improvements, and Diagnostics

Maintenance is a powerful force when performed by a professional. It allows technicians like the ones on our team to provide adjustments, improvements, and even diagnose issues.

Adjustments can be made if a component seems misaligned or is rubbing against its housing. This is important to decrease the amount of wear and tear on the system over time.

Improvements can be made by inspecting the system for dirt, dust, and mold. By cleaning it, we improve the efficacy of the technology.

Lastly, we can even notice a problem that’s developing in your system and head it off before it becomes a full-blown repair need. This is a valuable resource and one that is exceptionally hard for anyone who is not trained in this type of technology.

Mistakes Are Expensive

This is the hardest part to hear about why DIY maintenance is a bad idea: the mistakes. Mistakes can be expensive, and you’ll often find yourself stressed out and reeling because the cost of fixing that mistake is way more expensive than the cost of the maintenance itself. Performing maintenance without a license means you’re doing this work uninsured, and you’re liable for anything that goes wrong.

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