Avoid AC Neglect with These Three Tips

Neglect is a hard problem to wrap our heads around. We don’t think we’re being neglectful to our air conditioners or other appliances, until years have gone by and a bunch of problems all rear their heads at once. An issue like neglect creeps up on you when you least expect it, and it can be the difference between a long-lasting AC unit and a system that breaks down halfway through its lifespan.

However, the nice part about dealing with neglect is that you’re always in control. You can be the one to keep your air conditioner in good condition and avoid neglect by following some best practices when it comes to AC repair in Algonquin, IL. From checklists, to steady schedules, your air conditioner is in better hands when it’s taken care of by vigilant homeowners!

So, let’s get into a few ways you can avoid neglecting your AC this summer.

Pay Attention and Be Vigilant!

Noises, inefficiency, and uncomfortable temperatures are all signs that your air conditioner isn’t doing so well. These need to be noticed so that you can contact a professional and get your system repaired quickly. The longer an AC unit goes without repairs when it needs them, the more damage it can suffer through wear and tear.

Here are a few ways that as a homeowner, you can keep track of the condition that your AC is in. These systems make it easier for you to notice when something isn’t right.

Keep a Running Checklist

Paying attention to your air conditioner can be hard when you don’t know what to look for. That’s why you can keep a running checklist of things to look for that’s designed by a team of professionals. Here are a few items to include:

  • Check for strange or uncomfortable noises.
  • Check to make sure air is blowing from the vents.
  • Keep the area clean around your AC’s outdoor cabinet.
  • Check to see if any strange odors are coming from your vents.

With a checklist like this, you’ll be more aware of any problems that pop up in your air conditioner. Then, when you cross off one of these items, you can call us to help you fix the problem.

Maintain Your System on a Regular Basis

There are some maintenance procedures that homeowners should do themselves. Things like changing the air filter on a regular basis can and should be done by you, which is why doing it on a regular basis can be a huge help in avoiding system neglect. Here are just a few things you can do regularly to help ensure you’re not neglecting your AC.

  • Replace the air filter on the first of the month.
  • Schedule maintenance at the same time every year.
  • Check your monthly bills when they become available.

Be Honest With Yourself

Every once in a while, perhaps when you’re changing the air filter or performing a system check, be honest with yourself about the comfort in your home. Is your air conditioner not keeping you comfortable, or cool on hot days? If the answer to this is no, or a hesitant yes, then we advise you to call us on the next steps at addressing this problem.

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