3 Nifty Plumbing Techniques

Plumbing services are vital to your home and your way of life. Without certain technological advancements, your life would be a lot harder and you’d be spending more time doing things to fix or replace your plumbing parts. Imagine having a bathroom that your whole family uses, without a plunger to help when the toilet gets clogged. That sounds like a nightmare, right?

Well, plungers aren’t the only household tool you should have. And plunging isn’t the only technique you should know how to do as a homeowner. In fact, today we’re going to talk about three nifty plumbing techniques that can make your life a lot easier and help your plumbing system stay in good shape.

These techniques, unless paired with the experience and advanced equipment of a master plumber, can only do so much. We recommend you call our team for drain cleaning in Algonquin, IL when things get rough.

1. Learning the Proper Way to Snake a Drain

Drain snakes and plungers are a must-have for your home. These pieces of equipment are great because scientifically, they really work when trying to remove a clog, but they’re not going to damage your home’s plumbing system like some other over-the-counter solutions.

A plunger, either a toilet plunger or a sink plunger, creates a pressurized seal on the drain. When you “plunge,” you actually increase or decrease the pressure, causing whatever is clogging your drain to move and eventually loosen.

Drain snakes are wire or plastic augers that can be lowered deep into your drain. The tip is piercing, so it can push through most clogging materials. But the best part of a drain snake is the barbed side that catches stringy particles like hair and food scraps that might be lodged on the side of the pipe.

2. Using Mesh Screens and Protective Equipment

The first step toward having a clean drain is to make sure that only certain types of contaminants enter it. With a protective layer, like a mesh screen or some kind of semi-permeable top to your drain, you can stop contaminants that would normally clog your drain up.

Mesh screens are particularly valuable in kitchen sinks or shower drains. In kitchen sinks, they catch food scraps, bones, nuts, and some even catch coffee grounds so you can throw them away!

In bathroom shower drains, mesh screens catch hair and other products that might get lodged in your drain and cause problems later.

3. Investing in Routine Drain Cleaning

Drains don’t only have to be cleaned when you run into problems that disrupt your life. Even if your drain is still draining slowly, you can invest in routine drain cleaning services where a plumber clears out any clogging material early. This means that you can rest assured for your next house party, or for the holiday season, your drain is all set and ready to use, regardless of how much you use it.

Drain cleaning services are effective because plumbers have very specific tools for different types of drain sizes and clogging materials. We’ll find the right solution for your home and drain!

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