3 DIY AC Fails We Recommend Avoiding


We’re usually careful about using the term “fail” in our blogs. After all, when someone tries something and fails, that might not be as bad as we’re accustomed to thinking it is. Trying to paint a wall in your home or learning a new hobby is an amazing thing to do, regardless of how successful you are at the job. However, there are some things where failure can mean problems and expensive payments down the line.

If you fail trying to change your car’s oil, you might not be able to make it to work the next day. Some failures have consequences, and we think it’s important to talk about those honestly. So, when it comes to AC repair in Algonquin, don’t risk failure and discomfort in your home. Make sure you call our team before embarking on one of these DIY jobs that usually end up done incorrectly.

#1: Rinsing Off Your Outdoor Cabinet Isn’t Good Enough

We get this a lot—homeowners who have rinsed their air conditioner’s outdoor cabinet every summer with a hose and they’re surprised when it’s still gunked up by grime and dirt. How could that be possible?

Well, we get pretty extreme weather events sometimes, and those high winds, powerful rainstorms, and critters can cause your outdoor cabinet to get overwhelmed. Many materials like dirt, pebbles, leaves, and sticks can get caught in the small crevices of the system. These are places that your hose can’t reach and that are going to need to be professionally cleaned.

Don’t worry! Our team uses a special set of chemicals that force any contaminants out of your system easily. Let us perform this service when you call us for maintenance so we can clean your system properly.

#2: Don’t Try to Recharge Refrigerant Yourself

We see homeowners look to recharge their own AC’s refrigerant all the time. But it’s never a good idea.

The problem is that even if you were able to recharge your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels yourself (which is rare in most cases), you still wouldn’t know why your air conditioner started losing refrigerant in the first place. It’s likely got a leak that needs to be patched, and the recharging of refrigerant is only a temporary solution. Our team can patch your refrigerant leak and recharge the system of refrigerant without any hassle.

#3: Don’t Clean Your Ducts Yourself

Your ductwork is vital to the health and safety of your home. The more contaminants that are in your air ducts, the more likely they are to enter your living space or clog your system’s air filter. Basically, your ducts need to be cleaned.

Our team has specialized equipment that can get this done without harming the ducts themselves. Most homeowners end up injuring or destroying their air ducts when trying to clean them. Trust us, this service is always better left to a team of professionals. Sit back and relax while we clean your ducts, and even repair them if they’re damaged from wear and tear!

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