3 Common AC Frustrations


We’re still in the middle of cooling season, which means it’s important that we take care of our air conditioners. While this might be easier said than done, some homeowners have not had the easiest time with their cooling systems. AC repair can be frustrating, and we first want to start off this blog post by telling you that we get it.

Prices for AC repairs and replacements have increased in the past few years. Systems are getting more complicated, installation costs are going up, and it might feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick. Well, when the HVAC industry hands you lemons, you can come to us and we’ll show you how to make lemonade!

Today we’re going to talk about 3 common AC frustrations and what our team is doing about them. Remember, call us for AC repair in Algonquin if you want a team that embodies quality and integrity!

“Why Are Things Getting So Expensive?”

This is a common sentiment and it’s felt hard throughout our community in Algonquin. We’ve seen one of the hottest summers on record with energy prices that are consistently getting higher and higher. It feels unfair to have to pay so much money just to be comfortable, right?

Well, here are a few reasons to remain positive. On one hand, our AC technology is getting more energy efficient and effective with each year. We’re using a lot less energy than we used to in order to keep our homes comfortable. Likewise, the increased cost for repairs or system installation is due to AC systems lasting longer these days, and our repairs are designed to keep your system running well into the future. The game has changed from quick, cheap fixes, to repairs that benefit you in the long term and give you savings down the road!

“Do I Really Need This Service?”

This is a frustration we see a lot when it comes to extensive AC repairs and maintenance.

For maintenance, we understand why homeowners might think it’s optional, but it’s not! Maintenance is a valuable service that helps mitigate problems, improve energy efficiency, and make your system run at peak performance. Without maintenance, your air conditioner might not last half of its potential lifespan.

Repairs will always be necessary, but it’s important that you get them done by a professional. While you can replace your own air filter and do basic maintenance for your system, it’s never a good idea to open your AC up and try to fix it yourself. The cost is always warranted when there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed.

“It’s Just Not Working!”

This is never a feeling you want to have. An air conditioner that’s expensive to run is only made worse when it doesn’t keep you comfortable. But there’s always something that can be done about this.

Our team can provide you with a replacement system that can and will keep you comfortable. Also, we can provide the necessary repairs to your system that could get it back to peak performance. Regardless of the path you choose, your comfort should be a priority and our team is here to help.

It’s time to call Expert Home Solutions for quality AC repairs. Quality & Integrity.

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